Posted 5th Dec 2022 (Posted 17 h, 47 m ago)
Hi can I get some advice on a reliable car and the best payment method. Hope
that makes sense thanks
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    Depending on budget and what you’re looking for, maybe buying isn’t the answer? Car subscriptions are getting increasingly popular. I have my car from ONTO. I pay one all inclusive cost every month and they give me a car, with insurance, tax, maintenance, servicing, and even the cost of charging it all included. If I have an issue, fancy a change, or the car gets too old I just call them up and get a new replacement.

    No good if you’re looking for a cheap runabout second hand. But if you want a new electric car with delivery in a matter of days, and no contract it’s a great option.
    I bet that costs you a small fortune each month. 
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    Ford, always Ford
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    Used? New? Budget? What do you need the car for? How many fmsily members? Miles? Buying outright or finance or leasing etc etc...
    Currently driving audi a3 58 reg.

    Needed for errands, occasional long trips and occasional commute to office. Probably will do circa. 5k miles a year. 2 young kids.

    Open to all options as long as its best value for money. Thanks
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    Loads of web sites list "Mort Reliable Cars" if you do a web search.

    Cars on the list can differ depending if the list is for small cars, large cars etc so look at a few lists.

    Most reliable tend to be Kia, Honda, Mazda, Lexus (ie Japanese or Korean)

    Also search for most reliable brands

    Again, lots of different lists so search for "Most reliable car brands"

    Here is one list to be going on with…ds/ (edited)
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