Best way to connect Mega Drive to Panasonic LED TV?

Found 10th Oct 2012
Hi I have a LED Panasonic TV and want to connect my newly bought Mega Drive to it.

I haven't got an AV lead for the Mega Drive 1 console and was wondering which lead to buy. Do i go for the original RF unit which plugs into the aerial socket on the TV or is there a better option in terms of convenience and picture / sound quality or it is all pretty much the same?

The TV has modern connections as well as it own AV1 and AV2 socket adapters for scart and RGB.
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Also anyone who is the RF unit for the Mega Drive 2 will work with the Mega Drive 1s?
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The RF units sadly aren't interchangeable, Mega Drive One is larger than the Two. The best thing to buy price wise that will do the job easily it this -Link

For the best picture quality it has to be this - Link

The original RF lead is a faff to say the best, you have to plug in your roof aerial lead in to RF box, set TV to analogue mode (if it even has one, one of my tele's doesn't), auto search frequencies, it will tune it a channel 5 or 40 something at frequency 500 thousand odd. This of course isn't guaranteed to work due to tele's varieing so much.
I think i will avoid the RF route then

Will get one of the scart ones as my TV came with a Av to Scart adaptor. Cheers.

Now just a matter of what games to buy.

Streets of rage 2 and sonic 1 and 2 for starters i think!

Ebay here i come....
No matter what cable you use it'll look ****. Sad but true.
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