Best way to contact BT for complaints?

    I have been trying to pay my bill for almost 3 weeks, but the automated system is useless and the advisors dont understand English so I cant get anywhere.

    I got a red bill today telling me I have been charged a late payment fee! I tried phoning to complain to see outgoing calls are barred.

    This is taking the **** as I have been trying to pay and getting nowhere.

    Whats the best email address to complain to.


    Some people just haven't heard of google!

    ]Click here ryouga

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    No I know of that I meant higher up.

    You want the CEO of BT retail?

    Link to CEOS and email/contact addresses for them BT included. Why not set up a monthly payment plan with them???
    ]Link Here

    They're getting worse recently. They charged us a years line rental up front (over £130) when we moved and when the first bill came in, lo and behold, there's a standard £37ish line rental fee on it to pay.

    Was that not an installation charge?

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    I was going to set up a monthly plan, but didnt have my bank details at the time, and couldnt add them until my bill came as the system wanted account numbers and cs wouldnt help without them.

    In fact I am trying to sort one out that was what I was going to do when I phoned but cant sort it out.

    won't the automated sysytem let you defer payment for a month?

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    No idea it kept making mistakes kept on asking for same info again and again


    Was that not an installation charge?

    nope, all the lines were in new and they didn't have to come out (brand hew flat, first owners) and I had many arguments with them about paying up front as i've been a customer for 6+ years and never missed a bill.

    You'll incur a connection charge for that I'm afraid

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    Technically with that as it was a new flat it still may be classed as a new connection as you are first to use it.

    When I was at a flat last year there was a unused line in bedroom(socket and everything) which I asked to be connected and they said as its new its £130 as it hasnt been used before so maybe thats why.

    Hmmn, it does state '12months line rental charge' against the £130 though.... and as I say I had about four long arguments on the phone about having to pay the line rental in advance, you'd have thought even BT callcenter staff would have the nous to say 'but it's not for line rental' if it was an installation fee...

    i'm moving in a couple of weeks, same exchange area. Line into new house has worked in the past. I ahve to pay £130 install charge and thats an employee

    hmmn, am chasing it up tomorrow anyway. £130 to 'flick a switch' would seem exhorbitant to me... only got BT for Sky broadband too...grr
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