Best Way To Controll Anger??

Whats the best way to controll anger? As i get really angry easy, even if im getting beat playing an xbox


Breathe and count to ten or mute the 12 year olds.
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Bang your head against a wall until you pass out.

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My girlfreind has actually had enough the way i go

My OH is the same.. he sits there raging, telling me something that happened on Fifa and then "I hate this game" etc etc.. I'll be like... ¬.¬ turn it off then

It will get better when your balls drop............the hormone imbalance settles.

Grab a donkey and some ham.

Do you break controllers?



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i dont break them but i feel like doing it


The lag in halo used to grind my gears. i definitely shot him first, definitely!

Punch a kid in the face

Or an old person. Just not somebody that would/could put up a fight. That's when you get into trouble!

Whats the best way to controll anger

your real name Bruce Banner by any chance

anger leads to hate, hate leads to the darkside.

jelously leads anger and love leads to jelously.

so its your girlfriends fault, punch her she deserves it.

get better at xbox.
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Best way to control anger?


I HATE THIS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe try mixing it with some Stella.

Asking for advice on HUKD is probably the best thing to do......

Take it out on your girlfriend.
Pump her full of lead- Sure to release a bit of tension!

Well, how mental do you think the OP is by asking the question in the first place

Learn how to spell control.

Easy I feel better now.

Try doing something different. However, judging from the opening post I'm assuming you're **** at most things. This will only create more anger.
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