Posted 11th Dec 2022
The only way I know of right now is to buy steam cards from curry’s pc world online, but there aren’t many in stock. I get 20% off One4all gift cards at £100 maximum per month.

My aim is to buy a steam deck for as cheap as possible. Can I use One4all e-gifts in stores to buy other gift cards?

Does anyone have a good method of getting a steam deck for cheap?
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    Simple. Go on the One4All website and swap for Currys e-gift card. Use the Currys giftcard and purchase Steam Wallets from Currys website via CompleteSavings and also get another 10% cashback. For some reason they pay cashback on this.

    I bought 5 or 6 Steam Deck using this method and saved 30% by saving my monthly One4all from Completesavings (my family had 3 accounts) and the 10% cashback.

    This was back when they were still selling £50 giftcards. Got a bit annoying when they only started selling £10 and £20 cards with a limit of 5 of each per order, but you could make several orders at the same time. As a precaution it is advisable to order for click and collect. Just imagine if the courier said the item was delivered but in actual fact it wasn't OR if they only sent you 4 instead of 5 giftcards. It is probably best to collect and check everything before leaving the store.

    Just checked the Currys website and they don't have any steam wallets in stock currently. You could purchase in store but without the 10% cashback. I had an argument with them instore around 6 months ago when they suddenly decided that they wouldn't accept One4all for purchasing Steam giftcards. Said it was a new policy. I wrote a letter to head office and they confirmed in their letter with a £10 giftcard apology that it is accepted. After showing them the letter they admitted they made up that new policy so that they didn't have to deal with One4all being declined when customers were unsure how much credit was left on their cards so you need to check your balance before purchasing. (edited)
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    I got a steam card from wh smiths
    And you could use One4all e-gift card?
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    One for all can be converted to e-gifts.. unfortunately not steam..

    you could convert to an e-gift and sell on.. (gamivo/Eneba/etc)…

    google play is also on there..
    can’t you use google play to pay for bitcoin and then pay using bitcoin/cash out.. long while back I used a bitcoin “card” to transfer money to revolut which I then sent to my back..
    long winded but some suggestions there for you!
    Yeah thanks for the suggestions, I’m guessing those methods won’t be a 1:1 exchange and I will always lose some value haha. Buying from curry’s may be the best way (edited)
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    what did you end up doing in the end.

    was going to use monese vouchers to get a steam deck, but no longer availble on currys website
    Go into a Currys store! You can exchange Currys gift cards for any gift card they sell in store. I even asked staff before I did it and they said it’s allowed. And yeah sorry haha, there were none available probably because I bought 30 x £10 steam cards online the other day lol

    I think you can do the same in Asda too. (edited)