Best way to download album tracks legally please

Found 14th Sep 2008
Hello folks
I have had a crisis of confidence and decided to get rid of my illegally downloaded music content.

I haven't ever bought music legally online. Can anyone tell me the cheapest way to buy and download single album tracks?

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Individual songs on itunes are 79p.
They probably have the largest selection available online too.
yeah i use itunes too
tesco? never done it myself but the tunes are quite cheap plus there is this voucher to use (from kitkat) so it might help?

Now this might not be entirely relevant but there are a couple of websites where you can stream entire albums for free and that are perfectly legal. Obviously you can't download them and keep/transfer on your mp3 player, but if its for listening to in your house it's all you need really.

The obvious one is [url]www.lastfm.com[/url], the other is [url]www.deezer.com[/url]

I find deezer to be the better one, and the amount of content on both really is amazing considering you don't have to pay a penny. Worth a look :thumbsup:
last i heard itunes only did stuff in 128kb/s?

which is bad quality
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