Best way to extend wifi range in standard terrace house?

Posted 8th May 2020
I always plan to sort this, forget, and then get reminded by a deal thread (currently the TENDA Nova mesh deal).

I have a 3 bed terrace with Virgin 200mb and a superhub 3 (though same issue with SH1 and SH2) right at front of house on the bottom floor. Cat5 cable to a desktop from router, rest of devices wireless. Front half of house gets good wifi speeds often in excess of what I pay for, but kitchen and back bedroom (and garden) in rear of the house really struggle and phones will switch to 4G for example.

Probably 4 or 5 connections, mix of 2.4/5ghz.

What's the simplest, cheapest way I can get good coverage at the rear of the house top and bottom? Extender / New Router / Mesh?

Thanks in advance
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