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Found 29th Aug 2016
Noticed over the last week a large amount of wasps coming and going from underneath one of my roof tiles. Any good ideas of how to get rid of them?

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call an exterminator

they will die in the next few weeks, if you can put up with them for a few more weeks, it will save you some cash

Call the council pest control department. They will charge but not as high as people in Yellow pages.

Called few years ago and think it was about £40. Put some spray on and within couple of days
all wasps were gone.

Discovered a huge wasp nest in my loft recently and was tempted to leave it but is becoming a nuisance.

Wasp nest killer (foam) seems to be the trick, but I've found a few places that will come and sort it for £35. Hardly a bank breaker, and would rather someone who knows what they're doing deal with it


they will die in the next few weeks, if you can put up with them for a … they will die in the next few weeks, if you can put up with them for a few more weeks, it will save you some cash

Yeh, that's what I read somewhere. Have a nest right above the backdoor under flat roof. Will wait for them to go. I also read they won't reuse the vacated nest again.

paid a wasp exterminator found in checkatrade
100 quid sprayed the chemical into nest.

Had the same problem last year Got a wasp spray and sprayed many times a day from upstairs window as they were creeping from just above one of the rooms. Got rid of them after about 3 weeks. Best time to spray is mornings and evenings.


paid a wasp exterminator found in checkatrade100 quid sprayed the … paid a wasp exterminator found in checkatrade100 quid sprayed the chemical into nest.

That seems expensive,it was 25 quid when I paid someone,it was a few years ago now but still

I bought some spray foam from Wilkinsons.
They didn't take long to disappear.

If you can get access, ant powder is great, put it near entrance so they walk through it. Poundland one is fine.


Possible solution without killing the wasps!
Use a see through plastic bag and put water and some copper coins in it. Hang it near the door/windows where the wasps generally enter. The flashing/shine from the coins will deter the wasps.


Look on your councils website under "pest control"

My local council subcontracts out pest control & they charge £65 for wasps & if on benefits including tax credits etc about £20.

Personally £65 is a good deal. Its better than being stung to death.

Get something like this…625?_$ja=tsid:49590|cid:323070736|agid:14580048616|tid:pla-18283950120|crid:56351659936|nw:g|rnd:15976172562151683573|dvc:c|adp:1o1&gclid=CIjD67-Z584CFcHnGwodaxANJw
A generic insect killer powder will probably say it's ok for wasps as well. This will also be fine.
You obviously need to get to the area that the wasp are.

Get the powder ready by turning the tube upside down, get to the area where the wasps are going in and out, wear appropriate clothing, just in case they turn nasty, but normally as long as you are calm and slow they won't bother you.
Get to area, turn tube upright and puff once or twice, remove yourself from the area.
Wait a couple of hours and repeat.

The problem should be gone. Maybe give it a go the next day if you still see wasps.

We had a wasps nest in the eaves just above a bedroom window, got some wasp/fly spray for 85p, and gave the access point a good covering, and also sprayed throught the air vent to fill the space with spray. did that a few times each day, and after 3 days or so, no more wasps

Bought the Rentokill foam that is specifically for wasps nests - £3 in wilko a couple of weeks ago. Ours was in the lower branches of a tree so easily accessible - one application did the trick. Council charge would have been £51 according to their website.

Flame thrower!



Flame thrower!

I love the thought & it would be my first choice.

However, in this instance, its the fastest way to burn your house down
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