Best way to get to Moscow for the cup final??

    Son has asked me to try to get flights for his mate or suggestions for a way to get to Moscow as apparently flights are around £900!!! I dont have a clue but was hoping you guys would? He said the guy can fly or get the train-whatever-from wherever..I have tried to check flights to Ukraine but they have so many airports and im not well up on geograhy either
    Thanks a lot in advance!! Louloo


    Try swimming :whistling:

    What dates and what airport?

    Ask Niko.

    brb playing gta.

    with a ticket ..

    Going from Manchester on the 19/05 and returning end of that week gives it as £568.50 per person…mp;

    Going to moscow on the monday 19th may and returning on may 23 leaving from Heathrow is £253 per person from here its a one stop flight hence the price link once clicked on tells you search has expired but search with the ubove info and it will find it for you.…rue

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    thanks will pass it on!!!

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    oh but i think they have a 17hour flight as it goes via another country? cant see a direct..

    Tell your son to go on ]http//ww….uk and search for flights. All he does is enter when and where he wants to go and the site will check many ticket agents and he can try and find the lowest/best flight there.


    Get a flight from London Stansted to Riga, Latvia,(using ]Ryanair), from there it is possible to get to Moscow for about £20 one way (an 8-hour long overnight train or bus).

    Flights is only one of many problems. First you'll need a match ticket, under no circumstances buy from an local Moscovite, our Russian mafia friends have been busy producing thousands of very good fake tickets. So if you buy locally from a tout don't expect to get in and don't expect much sympathy fro the Russian Police.
    The second problem is accomodation, there are only 30,000 hotel berths available in Moscow and these are all sold out. Many fans have suggested sleeping rough overnight and leaving next morning, the match kicks off at 10.45 local time so whilst local transport may be running, forget anything going outside of Moscow. The Russian authorities say that anyone sleeping rough will be arrested if they are lucky (killed and robbed by local gangs if unlucky) Of course being arrested by the Police may be a blessing as at least you'll then get accomodation!
    The third problem is a Visa. The Russians still haven't said that Visa Waivers will be issued, so you could have a match ticket, hotel room and flight but you'll not get out of the airport.
    Sorry to be so negative but before buying flights you may need to look at a bigger picture.
    This, of course, leads us to think why they chose Moscow as a venue for the final in the first place!

    hotel rooms in mosco £500 night cheapest outside are £100+, not many people know this but mosco is the most exspensive city in the world now.

    The russian authorities have apparently offered to 'relax' Visa rules for travelling supporters. One of the ideas being banded around is no Visa required for a persona carrying a valid passport + a match ticket,

    Look out for further announcements on the 1st of may.…stm

    go out from manchester 21/05 via prague overnight in moscow hotel aprox £204 come back via prague spend 8 hours in prague - a hotel if you want in Prague aprox £63 and flight back to manchester on 23 may. Flight is aprox £566.50. Total cost 833.50.

    HTH :thumbsup:

    Still think this should be moved to deal request forum.

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    sorry i didnt know where to add it-i have left rep for all serious responses although the others made me laugh..personally i would rather boil my head than watch the football!!! Thanks to all!!


    [url][/url] - flights around £405 at the moment - get them while their hot
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