Best way to get USD already in the USA

    Hi All,

    I am currently in the USA with my GF and we need more dollars. Between us we have a debit and credit card - we are not in a fixed place for long so can not use transfer wise. Does anyone know the best way to get hold of USD when in the USA with a UK card?



    Can't you just use a cash machine?


    Can't you just use a cash machine?

    Its crazy but it might just work!

    Sell a kidney?

    ATM withdrawal's tend to change a flat fee and your bank will levy a percentage fee too, so it's best to take out as much as you can at a time (and hope the guy behind you isn't a mugger!)..
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    get a family to use western union that way you will probably save on fees.. In future invest in prepaid currency card it will save you in long run.

    Depends on who your cards are with as to which is cheaper to use - have a look at mse for best/worst cards
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