Best way to hard wire Yi Dashcam

Posted 26th Dec 2018
So picked up a Yi smart dash cam, and currently running it wired with the USB cable supplied. Want to wire it in properly. What’s the recommended way?

I see kits on ebay with a fuse holders to insert into existing fuse locations on the fuse board but heard that this is frowned upon.

I don’t believe my car has any ‘spare’ accessory fuse positions in my car. What’s the correct approach?

Also, the Yi smart dash cam apparently doesn’t have a built in battery but instead a capacitor to hold a limited charge. Should this camera be hard wired to a permanent live or should it be on a switched live/accessory circuit?

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Depends if you want it “permanently” on for security as well as accident use or just when the engine is running.
If the former look for the black view power pro this allows camera to stay on recording until the car battery reaches a minimum level then turns off.
power pro halfords
Best bet for when the engine is running only you can get a hardwire kit which piggy backs off of an existing fuse.
I wouldn’t wire it to permanent live, it’s just asking for trouble. You can get a kit for about 20 quid with a double fuse carrier that will connect into an existing ignition live in your fuse board
Thank you all, seems that wiring into the fuse box is the better route. I was messaged separately and advised that the recommendation is to ensure not to use a fuse slot that has a high capacity as that can result in damage in the event that something draws too much power.

Also connecting to a permanent live is fine if you use a power management device in between, otherwise use an accessory or switched live.

The Halfords box sounds ideal but costs more than the dash cam I purchased! I’ve noticed ‘similar’ devices on ebay which claim to do the same thing for less than £10. I’ll try one of these in the first instance, and see how they fare.

Anyone purchased one of these off ebay and can recommend a particular seller?
Just remember that the lighter plug on the end of the USB cable is converting 12v down to 5v, so any kit must include a socket or more likely a converter box with a mini usb on the end, and get one with an inline fuse…h=1 Simples Just make sure to choose the right connection for your dash cam.
Beebee1833 m ago Simples Just make sure to choose the right connection for your dash cam.

That's awesome mate, you should post it as a deal for all the people that just had a dashcam for Christmas
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