Best way to learn Adobe flash/photoshop/dreamweaver

    Ok, Im considering starting some basic graphic design, maybe play around some website construction. I know the basics of photoshop and just started flash but was wondering what the best way to learn these skills would be.

    Also what would the best programs to learn for my needs. If I find im good at it (im an artistic/creative person) I may persue a career in it. Would it be best to learn this kind of thing at college?

    Any advice appreciated


    I'm a photoshop amateur, I've just learned by experimenting and using it, although that is probably not a very time efficient process I've seen some mags that do photoshop tutorials, they have a new tutorial every week. I'm sure you can find a good site that does this online.

    I've no idea about web design though

    I've seen photoshop evening courses advertised at local school so may be worth checking with your local council to see what evening classes are in your area...


    Are you using adobe cs3 pro to create your flash?

    Is it true that you need a 2gb duel core computer to run this software effectively?


    There are some pretty good tutorials out there - but as you would expect, they are not free (unless you use usenet of course!)

    Donleeone, are you based in Northern Ireland by any chance ?
    If so, you can get a free, yes free course in Web Design at the University of Ulster.
    Let me know and I'll try get you details.


    Donleeone, are you based in Northern Ireland by any chance ?If so, you … Donleeone, are you based in Northern Ireland by any chance ?If so, you can get a free, yes free course in Web Design at the University of Ulster.Let me know and I'll try get you details.

    I'd like to hear about that

    what OS are you using as mac users can go to the free tutorial in Apple Stores...

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Looks like tutorials is the way forward.

    I hire in Graphic & Flash Designers on a regular basis. And most if not all the good ones are self taught, anybody can learn the software its your creativity and ability to translate a brief to design thats the most important thing.

    Try as many tutorials as possible, if you have any local business that you notice the menus, logos, letterheards etc have been "designed" in MS Word, offer them a very cheap or free re-design, It all helps to build your portfolio, so you can start charging.

    As for Photoshop, I had a nice side line while at college of photo editing which mainly involved, deleting husbands from wedding photos, or replacing the now ex hubbies with Brad pitt etc.
    Edit: Also wouldnt do your career any harm to get your hear around Adobe Flex as well as Flash and Photoshop, I would ignore Dreamweaver as I reckon its on its way out Rich Internet Applications are the way forward.

    One fun way of learning would be to have a go on some of the photoshop competition sites like Worth1000 or the one I'm on which is FreakingNews and they've got some really helpful guys and good links to tutorial sites on there, plus if you're any good and picked in the top 3 you can get some money ( not a fortune but it all helps!) :thumbsup:

    free tutorial and photoshop brushes site…htm

    Def tutorials, A friend spent hours just messing around with it and just got the hang of it. Books are ok, but tutorials seem alot better and dont require reading 500 pages and getting bored!!!
    Flash i quite hard to learn, but once u got thr basics it goes from there. Started learning myself, quite difficult, but its time really. Good Luck

    I was in the same boat as you, started messing around with photoshop and joined loads of forums which helped as there was loads of people willing to give advice and tips. I also buy photoshop creative every month which is a big help, full of tutorials and advice.
    Also try your local college if you are serious about going into web design. I am in my last year of a three year course and have found it to be great help. Have learnt loads from flash/3ds max/dreamweaver/photoshop as well as loads more.

    as for tutorial sites I like they have tutorials for flash photoshop, gimp, dreamweaver, 3ds max and loads more.
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