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Best way to paint an ikea glossy wardrobe door without leaving brush marks?

Posted 8th Jul 2013
Hi there,

I've purchase a ikea wardrobe but would like to paint the doors as they didn't have the colour I wanted. The doors are currently in a glossy white finish. I would like to paint over them with a different colour but don't know the best method to do so without leaving brush marks. I am thinking of using spray paint, will this work? Does anyone have any advice on this? thank you.
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radiator roller its like a normal roller but smaller and for radiators but would work on doors
what about the recess in the doors? as the doors have 2 square recesses inside. So with this method I'm using normal paint?
Spray paint them, it is the only way to avoid marks.
melamine paint and 5" gloss roller


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give them a fine sand first, to give the paint something to bite into, then spray paint them using light coats to avoid runs.
so I should use spray paint or the melamine paint? I've been reading reviews on melamine paint and people seem to think they dont work...and also, it doesnt seem melamine come is much colours (I've been looking on the homebase, wickes and B&Q websites)...
anyone heard of Plasti-Kote? are they good?
spray paint the doors but do it in light coats. and yes light sanding of the wardrobes first is best. also if u lay it flat it allow u to spray a thicker amount with no runs of paints.
also if u go on ebay another easy option is to vinyl wrap the door to the colours u want.
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