Best way to pay for Argentinian Netflix

Posted 30th Apr 2021
Hi All,

I currently have an active Turkish Netflix account and use Revolut to pay for a Standard plan in Turkish Lira (used to exchange GBP to TRY when exchange rate was good).

As Netflix recently changed price from 18.99TL to 26.99TL, it looks a bit more attractive in a long run to switch to Argentinian Netflix as their GBP equvivalent with current exchange rate is lower (and number of titles available should be greater as well).

I hoped to be able to create an additional account in ARS and exchange GBP to ARS when it makes sense but discovered that Revolut does not allow to hold or exchange ARS - they only show you graphs, pretty pointless.

I assume that with Revolut I still have an option to pay Netflix subs from my GBP account, in which case Revolut will convert ARS to GBP at their current rate.

I wonder if there is an alrernative to Revolut that will allow me to have accounts in GBP and ARS, exchange GBP to ARS when I want to and allow payments from an ARS account?

Thanks for any constructive input
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