Best way to play Ipod touch through car radio?

Found 12th Jun 2009
Hi all
I have recently treated myself to a 2gen ipod touch (cracking deal spotted on this site) and was wondering the best way to play it through my car radio?

Ideally it would be from a high street store and be able to charge the payer when in use.

Thanks in advance
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I had a fm transmitter that charged my ipod and played it through a unused radio requency on the radio.
but i since changed to a new stereo (off hukd) with a direct cable into the back, the sound quality is sooooo much better, but it doesnt charge it for me unfortunatly. it does control it from the stereo though.
ideally a stereo cable that charges would be best but im no sure if they do them.
Thanks for that
However the radio in my car is built in and I am wary of dismantling the dashboard!
Are there any good deals on the FM transmitters at the moment anywhere?
i got a focus with the inbuilt radio, but it comes out and you can get a peice of blank plastic from halford for most car to fill in the void left by the larger stereo. and then you get a cable to come out the back and feed it through your glove box, leave the ipod in there with a massive playlist on then just change tracks from the head unit.
be wary when getting a FM transmitter as some only work with generation 1 touch's. so make sure it chargers 2nd gen ones.
FM transmitters are so bad, I would recommend you not buying one, unless you like your music more fuzz than sound.
If you have a tape player you could get a tape adapter for around a £1 ebay/dealextreme and a cigarette lighter to usb adpater for a bit less...?
FM transmitters are only as good as the brand you buy and the amount of free frequencies in your area, not ideal in the city, but I'm out in the sticks and swear by my Belkin transmitter.
Can you advise which car you have and which head unit is fitted?

The fm transmitters are pretty poor in my opinion.

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