best way to port files from laptop to laptop then make ready for selling help

    i have just bought a new laptop and wonder what is the best way to port everything across from my old laptop to the new one then remove all my data from the old one ready for selling ps they are both using vista home premium cheers


    Start->All Programmes->Accessories->System Tools->Windows Easy Transfer.

    This should do it for you.

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    cheers for that i need a cable apparently where do i get one of them from?

    what kinda cable?

    im assuming its an ethernet ye need...

    I've never used the app, but surely in the 21st century you should be able to use the bluetooth option if there is one ?

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    you can use your own network apparantly or a flash drive so i might try … you can use your own network apparantly or a flash drive so i might try that then whats the best way to get rid of everything of the old laptop?

    To get rid of all the data on the old laptop you need to reformat the hard drive. Is there a recovery disk with it? This would/should set everything back to 'fresh out of the factory'.

    Easiest way to transfer files is you have an external hard drive. If you don't have one then, plug your two laptops into a router, enable file sharing and then copy and paste the files from the old laptop to the new one.

    Remember that reformatting your old laptop is not enough to delete the data permanently. You need to go to and search 'erase hard drive' or something similar like that and choose from the list of free programs to use.

    ]DBAN will securely format the disk to get rid of everything - this includes the operating system though so you need to reinstall from the windows disk/recovery disk afterwards.

    buy a hard drive and enclosure, take hard drive out of old laptop and put it in the enclosure, and put the new hard drive in the old laptop and sell it, that way you know they won't have any of your data.
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