Best way to put an old version app on an iPhone?

    Friend has an iPhone 4, and would like snapchat. Obviously the new version of snapchat isnt supported.

    Is there a way of side loading an older version of the app that was supported?



    My neibour has 4s and his using snapchat the new version

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    Your point to being?

    Is the phone updated the the latest os for the iphone 4?

    Yeah update to latest iOS available for that phone then the version of snapchat that will work with it should be available from appstore.

    Should work
    Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.…QBw

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    Latest. Ios available is 7.x something on an iPhone 4, so simply updating isn't going to work, hence why I need to side load (without jailbreak) an older version of the app.

    If it's anything like my old ipod, you just install the app and it will only let you install the version your OS will take anyway, if you try to update it any further it will fail

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    Nope, load the page and it just says not compatible with this version, or something along those lines. It's up to the developers if they want to let you have the old versions. Snapchat obviously doesn't.
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