Best way to reduce Storage on Hotmail?

Posted 16th Feb
They give 15GB as storage for all emails, is there a simple way to save your emails instead of deleting them to free up space? Thanks
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How many emails do you have that use 15gb? I have thousands and thousands on my Gmail without denting it.

Do you get a lot of attachments? Maybe save and delete the attachments?
What are you getting to take up 15GB and not warrant deleting them?
Isn't there an option to Save As?
That will allow you to save the complete email (inc. any attachments) to another location.
It does on the client I use.
Get Microsoft Outlook, add your account and then archive them in bulk as PST files.

I've been doing it at my job for 15 years.
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Just create another Hotmail account and start filling that one up.
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