Best way to sell an XBox Series X

Posted 17th Dec 2021
Just looking for some friendly advice on the easiest way to get rid of an unwanted XBox Series X.
Following the post the other night I managed to order one and it arrived today. The reality is, however, my kids don't really need this ( they only play Minecraft and Roblox so they're hardly pushing the system ).
I'm not interested in making money on this as I'd rather it went to someone who would want it as a gift without having to pay stupid EBay prices. I'm not sure, however,of the best place to advertise it and I certainly don't want to be dealing with any silly people offering phones etc.
I know CEX will offer £450 cash but would, if possible, prefer to avoid that as that just means someone has to pay over the odds.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
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    If you are not after making money then return it as your right to do so and get a full refund
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    senukas18/12/2021 08:08

    Sold few on Facebook marketplace, all went within 4-5 days. Just be …Sold few on Facebook marketplace, all went within 4-5 days. Just be prepared to deal with timewasters, cash on collection only.

    Thanks for your reply. I'm not on Facebook and I'm not in any hurry to get on there! Reading the replies I'm going to just send it back as that's the easiest option and no one's then going to have to pay over the odds that way.
    Thanks for all the replies.
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    Thanks for the reply. I don't know anyone who wants it as I suppose the price is a bit off putting if you're buying it for kids the same age as mine ( 9 and 11 ).
    Looks like it'll be CEX then as I can't be dealing with people who are trying to pull a fast one. In hindsight I shouldn't have ordered it but sometimes you just get carried away! (edited)
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    how come you can’t return to where you got it?
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    Unfortunately if your selling it to strangers then you're going to get a load of fake sob stories etc from scalpers. Cex is the easiest option as annoying as their resale price is.

    Any chance you know anyone personally you could sell it on to?
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    Shpock cash on collection, or gumtree you 'll get loads of timewasters
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    I see what you are saying about people paying over the odds.

    I had a gift of £100 MS credit and bought a NEW Series X on Monday with it and £350 (Minus my works discount).

    Took my one year old xbox series X into CEX today and got £450 for it. It's the original build and out of warranty.

    I was quite happy with that. I have a new one now with warranty, made some profit, and got rid of a voucher that I got for free from MS Rewards.

    With regards to people getting ripped off, I wouldn't worry too much, people are happy to pay, or they wouldn't pay.
    Retailers are there to make a margin.

    Do you know, as a percentage Tesco make more profit off you on their markup of Bananas than CEX do with their xboxes.

    Also to be fair to CEX, they sell with a 2 year warrenty, so take the hit on returns on consoles/controllers that could be years old. (edited)
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    Sold few on Facebook marketplace, all went within 4-5 days. Just be prepared to deal with timewasters, cash on collection only.
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    How much did you buy it for? Sounds like they would be fine with a series S, just attach a old external hard drive to it to download more games. I still want to get an X one day though.
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