Best way to sell DS lite?

I brought a pink DS lite a while back for my sister. It was mainly to play via Wi-fi with my phat grey DS. Its not been getting much use lately and I wound't mind selling it and getting some dosh! I would like to get as much as I can for it. :w00t:

Should I go for Ebay or sell instore? My feedback is only on 6 and 83%. I have only used this account to buy. Also I am a bit confused on the selling fees if someone can enlighten me?

Any comments welcome



Your low feedback won't be a problem. After searching through the completed listings for you I've encountered more than a few people with less than 10 feedback and still sold it with no problem. Reguarding on how to sell it, ebay's your best bet to get the most money. Demand is high, stock can't supply, ebay it. You can probally get £125-145, the exact price you sell it for will evidently depend on variable factors. I hope this helps!

cex are paying £123 cash for the pink ds atm if thats any good to you

with some form of currency..

I put my white one on eBay and got £150 (console games) :shock:

Stick it on there. :thumbsup:

I got my 2 DS Lite from New York, worked out about £50 each with 3 games. Yes they are region free.

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Thanks everyone for your comments. I may put it on ebay.
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