1. Tes Deals

    Best way to sell tesco vouchers??

    I can't find my old thread?

    I have £117 worth, which is something like £450?? in deals.

    They sell for just over double, so question.

    Do HUD allow sales of these?? And if not, and I use ebay, is it best to sell in bulk, or split them down???

    Last question... Is there anything worth getting on the 4x deals??


    Last question... Is there anything worth getting on the 4x deals??

    yes, quite a few things

    deals aint worth chit up here since loudoun castle closed


    Items which have t&c's stating non transferable will not be permitted.

    We've made a slight amendment to the rules to further clarify.

    Under the Prohibited Items List:

    Non Transferable Gaming/Adword Accounts has been changed to Non Transferable items including Gaming/Adword Accounts


    Trading Rules Revised

    The Trading Rules were updated on 09/11/2010. If you use the trading … The Trading Rules were updated on 09/11/2010. If you use the trading forums it's in your interests to review. Click here for further info.

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    I ordered some pizza express vouchers which I got 4x the value on. OK, you can normally get deals at Pizza Express but I haven't been able to have a meal out in ages and love the fact it will be free. I actually got enough for 2 meals out for the family as the vouchers last 6 months and the 4x is turning into 3x in a few weeks.

    Goldsmiths vouchers, cinema vouchers, eating out, days out! There are tonnes of good deals!

    You could sell tham on ebay, as they do tend to go quite well, but I would be very, very wary!

    make sure you cover up the online code when listing ebay coz if you can see them people will use them

    when you convert them x4, how long do you get to spend them?

    6 months normally, well it has been on the one's I have had

    If converting them then remember you've only a few weeks before they change to 3x value from now on.

    Why not use the double up promotion that's on at the moment either instore or online, and buy Christmas presents with them. You can use them on toys, computers, phones, some electricals, amongst other things.

    yeah after a 2 minute look on ebay found 3 £25 codes not covered up

    I bought myself a watch with the last lot. (wife was slightly peeved)

    Original Poster

    Ok, They are not going very well on ebay at the moment.

    So I will get some food coupons from Tesco.
    I understand that some of the food coupons can be used in various food places, and are not set to one retailer (I.E. Pizza Express?) Has anyone ordered food coupons before, which ones are the best to get??

    Thanks in advance??
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