Best way to sell unwanted paper concert ticket safely in 2018?

Found 3rd Jan
So the big players StubHub, Viagogo and Get Me In are obviously the main websites to use but after seeing the TrustPilot reviews, you could say I'm slightly put off.

I mean some reviews are just hilarious, (some guy complaining he paid £470 for 2 Michael Macintyre tickets was a highlight) but some say they are selling and somehow losing money.

I genuinely just want to sell one solo paper ticket with security on both mine and the buyers side.

The event is next Friday so also running out of time.
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Twitter... Many people buy and sell football tickets on Twitter so people get tickets at face value and there’s no money making going on. Obvs best practise is to meet face to face, or build a rapport with the person if sending/receiving through post. It’s just nice to know the other person is getting your ticket at FV this way. Use hashtags.
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I second twickets. You can only sell at face value, I've bought off there a few times
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