Best Way to Send Money Abroad

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Found 27th Jan 2008
I want to send some money to someone in Europe either as a Euro Cheque or a transfer into a Euro Account.

Whats is the cheapest way to do this?

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isn't paypal good for this?

You can use HIFAX or one of the other agencies, but they only deal with a minimum of £5,ooo. If you are only sending a small amount you can just send an English cheque, here in Spain th bank charge 3euros for accepting it and just the normal exchange rate goes into the account. Hope this helps.

Ask your bank to send the euro amount from your account to the receiver's account. HSBC do this and it's called World Pay (I think!). The charge the last time I used it was £9.00 for any amount.

Or you can use Western Union. But I believe the charges are quite high and if you're paying for goods and they don't arrive there is no comeback, unlike Paypal of course. :thumbsup:

Just wait for an email starting with "Hello my good sir, my name is Umbongo Kongo........."

Your money will leave the country in no time at all lol
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