Best way to set up a 5.1 surround sound ??

    Hi im thinking about getting the sony DZ260 5.1 CINEMA SYSTEM but am not very good with placing speakers,my room is a rectangle room and im can picture where to put the front speakers but am not sure how the rear speakers can be placed and of course how would i hide the wires,i doubt the wires that come with the speakers would stretch accorss my living room

    any ideas for a newbie?


    You can easily buy extra speaker wire I'd imagine!

    But I know nothing. To be honest, my friends who have 5.1 have never got it right imho. I've heard much better 3.1 for standard rectangle living room set up. But I am sure there is some techies out there who can help.

    Sorry, for the hijack of thread - just wanted to stick my opinion in there :-)

    There will be a section in the instruction manual on how best to place the speakers. If you have a symmetrical room, then you have a very big advantage. As advised, extra speaker wire can be easily purchased, and would not be a bad upgrade anyway, as the wire that will be included will be cheap and cheerful.

    If you want to get ahead of the game, and read up on speaker layout, then as usual, google has all the answers. I found this on the THX website in a few seconds:…tml
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