Best way to slice/grate cheese?!

Found 19th Mar
I buy blocks of.cheese and usually use a peeler to make sliver thin slices, sometimes I grate it too, sometimes I purchase the slices. Is there an easy better super duper way to slice cheese which doesn't involve e a ton of washing??! Thanks!
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Cheese slicer... The sort will a wire works well to slice I find. I love grated cheese but its messy and no fun. Best do the lot in one go
A knife
Mandolin cutter…prd
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Your teeth
Serrated vegetable peeler works very well
You can try a non flavoured/scented dental floss, works well for the softer cheeses and just throw it away afterwards.
Yes - I use one of these every day:…t=0

It's brilliant and easy to clean, it's got two 'sizes' for the amount you slice off.
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