Best way to split 3hr i-tunes audio file so it can be burned to CD

    as above

    3 hour audio book file downloaded from i tunes but want to split it so it can be burnt to cds.

    No idea of a program (pref freeware) that can be used.


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    will look in to it thanks:thumbsup:

    You can also do it in iTunes.

    Right click on the track in iTunes>Get Info>Options Tab>

    Change the stop time to 90mins/1hr30.

    Press ok.

    Then right click on the track and convert to AAC (or MP3, depends how you have iTunes set up)

    Then do the same with the original file, but change the start time to 90mins and the end time to the normal end, and convert that to AAC.

    You should then have two AAC files that are ready to be burnt to disc.
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