Best way to store curtains?

Found 12th Aug 2013
I've just moved house (rented) and the existing curtains are a pretty horrible throw-back to the 1950's (pelmets included). I've bought new ones but am aware that storing curtains for a couple of years in cardboard boxes could lead to a mouldy mess and so wondered if anyone knew of a good way to preserve their condition?
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How about keeping them in a vacuum bag? Readily available in a couple of different sizes from Poundland/99p store/ PoundWorld.
Yes roll them up dont fold and put them in vaccuum bags like chuckiedoll said also add a tumbledryer sheet in the bag and they will smell fresh when you next take them out.
try asking your landlord to take them back and store them.
ask the landlord to take them away.
i would ask your landlord what he wants you to do with the furniture/fittings that you want to replace?if esays you store em put them in a vaccum bag and store them in the loft.
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Even though I only moved in a week ago, I've already learnt that the landlady is Adolf Hitler's great grand daughter. I'm going to take your advice; roll them, chuck in a tumble dryer sheet and vacuum pack them. I've had a recent nightmare with Leaders trying to withhold my deposit for the most pathetic of reasons and so I'm ultra paranoid. This will do the trick though, I'm sure. Thanks again chuckiedoll and mycatcanripyourfaceoff. Much appreciated.
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