Best way to stretch shoes

    hi can anyone recommend a way to stretch shoes. they always seem ok in the shop but as soon as i start walking around, the blisters appear! i usually take them to the cobblers and leave them to stretch for a few days but didnt know if there was a better way to stretch them.


    stuff balls of newspaper in them and leave for a few days

    Put them on with thick socks & use a hairdryer on them & let cool while still on I think.


    no need to stretch, just buy a size bigger than what you forced on your feet in the shop when trying them on

    If your female get your husband/ partner to wear them

    If they are leather pour surgical spirits into shoes then place feet in and walk in them till the spirits evaporate they arecnow moulded to your feet xx

    I soak my shoes in water then stuff with newspaper and use the wooden shoe horned to force them larger. Not tries the surgical spirits one above so will add to my list!

    I read that Vaseline at the backs of the heels is good for softening leather (though you'd have to ensure it's not the sort of leather that stains).

    I've got these, just over £2, and it's pretty good…e25 helped with a pair of flat shoes that were rubbing just above the back of my heels...they're fine now.$T2eC16JHJG8FGsp!d0dDBR)BMi6h,Q~~60_12.JPG
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    Shoe trees are the way to go. Insert them in the shoes and leave them in for a few days, after wearing the shoes pop the trees back in. Whether shoes are too tight or not these keep shoes looking good anyway.

    I was given the tip to fill a freezer bag with water, put it into shoes and put into freezer. haven't had time to try it yet, though. It is on my todo list!

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    thank you all. I have just ordered the above ebay item and also ordered a shoe stretching spray.... if all that fail will defo try the others. thank you al

    Stuff them with wet newspaper then leave to dry also freezer bag of water works same in freezer.
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