Best way to text a mobile in canada?

    As above need some help , cheers


    I use Skype to txt here. You may be able to txt int. if you know their number?

    It's cheap enough if it's only one text. I sent a text to a girl in Ukraine earlier & believe it's costs about 35p.

    Original Poster

    nah its probably going to be a daily ting.

    try this
    www . sendsmsnow . com

    (take the spaces out)

    Have you not both got a smartphone? If you have you could download an app like nimbuzz, google talk, live messenger etc that would only use data and if you have an unlimited data plan it would be free! This is from a computer but is really cheap and you get delivery report.I text Indian for 1p a text.You can get 5 free text just to try it out .
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