Best way to Unlock LG Prada KE850 Mobile Phone, remotely/unlock clip?


Does anyone know if the LG Prada KE850 can be unlocked by remote unlocking codes?
if so where can i find these please? (could not find in google.co.uk)

I have 2 of these phones, 1 on orange the other on t-mobile.
Please can someone tell me the cheapest way to unlock these phones? Shop/Unlock Clip?

Costs £28 for both phones unlocked from eBay, but have to send the phones to them. Considering the total cost of the phones is approx £500-£600 and paypal/ebay buyer protection is only up to the buyitnow price of £9.99 (in case of loss/damage) I dont think this would be a good idea.

for £28 is it worth buying an unlock clip?
Seen some while googling but can someone please recommend a reputable retailer that they have maybe used before?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in advance


Original Poster

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank You!

buy the clip and sell it for less like 4 pounds less meaning you only paid 4 pounds to unlock it.

Only unlock clip at the moment u can do these.
On ebay why not by it individualy and send both phones individualy, thus insuring each phone for £500 each with the seller. ebay seems cheapest because most shops are charging around £20 - £25 each to do it.

there is a code ..... use google m8 . if no joy pm and il give you the site .
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