Best way to watch ripped films on 360?

    Got loads of films ripped to my hard drive as .iso files with the intention of streaming them to the 360 upstairs but found TVersity doesnt stream them!

    Whats the best way to stream them? If I mount them using a virtual drive will TVersity find them? Or would I be better converting to a recognised format such as wmv or avi? If so whats the quickest way?


    i do mine via avi on a usb stick

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    i do mine via avi on a usb stick

    Was hoping to leave them on the main pc in uncompressed format to save keep swapping and changing, its the complete series of x-files 1-9 about 230GB

    Try vuze. Thats what i use to stream


    Burn to rewritable dvd.

    Before I got my home entertainment system in order I actually rewatched the XFiles from the beginning. I just bought a spindle of 100 DVDs and burned them then passed them on. Total cost of about a tenner.


    If mounted I would assume tversity would like them better although with 9.8mbps mpeg2 profile wireless may struggle for those that use it but im sure tversity transcodes on fly anyways, been ages since I used it.
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