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Posted 19th Jun 2022
i have 2 tickets for coldplay 18th august wembley stadium face value is £132 each. selling them back through ticketmaster does not guareentee i will sell.both tickets. i.e could sell 1.and be stuck with one. i only want to claw my money back, witch i am able to do through ticketmaster if i sell both.

Anyone have any better ideas ?

i did look at srubhub,but you dont get the money till after the concert. im just a bit dubious of how it all works. I.e i sell the tickets and send them,and rhe buyer claims they were fake or didnt work etc.
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    Just use ticketmaster I’ve never had a ticket not sell.
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    I've a friend who has bought and sold on twickets several times, you can't sell for higher than face value for the tickets I believe.

    Worth looking into there especially if it's for a popular sold out event.
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    how drunk, or in a rush are you?
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    Atleast one person got their whisky glitch from Morrisons.
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    The best way will be for you to get someone else to sell them on your behalf! Then you might have a chance (edited)
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    I know someone that could not get in at MAMMA Mia because tickers were not valid. Still trying to work out if they were fake or someone else had name on them.
    Carful where you buy and sell tickets I guess. Id go with safe option (edited)
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    Does Ticketmaster have anything in their T&Cs re. resell? You may find that the only option is to go via TicketMaster.
    Ticketmaster offer to try to resell for you on their own site. It's weird, they say you can only sell at face value but when you search loads of people sell for more? You don't have the option yourself though.

    I have some standing tickets for Green Day on Friday I've not sold yet, may have to try elsewhere
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    Hi, is the ticket still available?
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