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I am looking for a web hosting company that has good recommendations.

I want it to have good transfer rates and around 100mb of space should do.

I have my domain names with Easily but their package seems a little high £9.99 for the year and PAYG data transfer (12.80 for the first 5gb).

I want to be able to put a database behind my site eventually as well as have contact forms Flash banners etc etc.

Can anyone recommend a Host for me?


I use both [url][/url] and their (cheaper) American branch of the company [url][/url]

Try ]http//ww…et/

Decent prices :thumbsup:

£18 for a year for what your after or £27 for 2 year

Online (active) forum, real people, data center in USA but ran trial with them (Install of Gallery2) for a year and pretty reliable for the cost.

Most domain names are more expensive once the first 1/2 yrs 'offer' are over, I keep mine ( ones) with a UK company and just change my settings to direct to hosting provider, you'll find you get what you pay for.


Try ] prices :thumbsup:£18 for a year for … Try ] prices :thumbsup:£18 for a year for what your after or £27 for 2 year

Absolutely awful support - they'd be as well not having any
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