Best Web Hosting For Zen Cart/Cube Cart for max £6pm paying monthly

    as above im looking for a good cheap web hosting that will work with zen cart and cube cart i already have used fasthosts and chose the wrong package so i need a Linux server with a MySQL database the hosting doesn't have to be that brilliant as i am only going to be using it to learn from


    If it's not going to be a proper website, then just run it at home on your own PC. There's an app called Uniform Server, google for and download that. It includes Apache, MySQL and PHP and it comes pretty much pre-configured, so it's a great starting point. Unblock port 80 and your system can be used just like a normal webserver, too. Plus, it has the advantage of being much, much faster to use than a web-based service.

    Dont no if its just me, but have not got a clue what your on a bout

    sorry :-(


    its simple terms kerri ......... he wants a computer to put his website on.... but instead of buying the computer, he will rent it from a company, this company then will look after the computer and make sure his website is online

    all websites need to be hosted on a server (expensive computer) to be able to be seen by users

    I've been using SimplyHosting for a Zen Cart installation for quite a few years.
    On the few occasions I've had a problem it has been resolved very quickly even to the point of writing/amending scripts.
    The package is very well priced and you can tailor it depending on your requirements.
    The basic $4.99 plan allow 5xMySql, 5x parked domais and 5x addon domains. Uses Cpanel so very easy to configure. You can load Zen Cart using Fantastico but i find it betterto to do it yourself.

    I go through quidco and use to register a domain and get a mysql host for £2.00 total for the year.

    You get full access but you cannot edit your php ini files. The max size of memory for mysql is 24M which could be too low for certain applications.

    From your point of view its fine as you get a domain, ftp and mysql php access for a year for £2
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