Best web site to use for a family "house move" project

    One of my family members is moving to live in another country with their partner and 5 kids.

    They want to set up a website to keep as a diary of the move (dates, text, pictures of the old and new house and so on).

    I have web design skills and he wants me to teach him how to design this web site.

    As he has no web design skills I have suggested he uses an existing web site like Facebook to keep his house move diary.

    I have never used Facebook, so can it be used for that, and can anyone suggest another web site, which is easy to use like Facebook, to keep track of their family move.


    A Blog??

    Original Poster


    A Blog??

    Good suggestion.

    I have seen a few blogs, but have to say I have no idea how to set one up.

    How do I set up a blog ?

    not sure about posting pics though.


    most blogs like msn and blogspot will let you upload pics to it also
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