best website to find insurance

    for a 125cc moterbike for just a month?


    Search Comparethemarket

    try go compare n other comparison sites n when u find a quote ring them up before u actually accept with them

    none u need go on differnet ones is the correct answer.

    Tesco was best for me but use them all.

    Go compare is owned by Esure , how does that work then ? No conflict of interest ?

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    iv been on them it doesnt give me the option of just for a month

    if you are upgrading from a 125 after the month you would be best to put in the bike you expect to have next month instead and then go with the cheapest option (obviouslly put the 125 details in) then ring up and switch over when you get the new bike
    edit: there is usually a fee to switch bikes, when I did they charged me £35 I think which is a total rip off for a £120/yr policy

    otherwise look at bikesure for short term, gocompare won't do short term quotes

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    Also note Direct Line, Aviva and NFU and possibly others do not feature on any comparison site.

    You will pay through the nose for just a 1 month insurance policy. If there is a break, could you not take out a full policy and cancel before the cooling off period ends then do the same again?
    Are you looking at upgrading the bike after a month? If so, run a comparison check and call up the insurance company and explain you want to transfer from the 125 to another, this could be your best option. Other than that, if you know what bike you're getting, go for a multi bike policy for both, then remove the 125 from it after a month.
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