Best weed killer with seed growth?

Posted 2nd Jul
Can anyone recommend me a good weed killer with seed growth for my garden?
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I don't believe the two go hand in hand unfortunately.
I think you would need to kill the weeds first then wait then reseed.

Keep it simple, go with ever green 4 in 1 feed and weed, wait 4 weeks until all your weeds are dead, scarify, mow it low, reseed and top dress.

then keep wet for a couple of weeks and you should have a better looking garden
Miracle Grow Evergreen Seed Weed and Feed worked wonders for my lawn. Killed all the moss and weeds which I raked out once dried and dead. Follow the spreading instructions carefully though. Over spread and you’ll burn your lawn.
I’d buy now spread it and let the forthcoming rain do the watering for you.
I let my lawn grow out for 6 weeks before giving it a mow and then fed it again along with some additional seed. It’s getting there now. Very green.
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