Best weighted blanket

Posted 30th Aug 2020
Want to get one of these as a gift for the Mrs.

Can a home recommend one for me?
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Didn't know what one was so I googled it. This is one of the first results . Don't know if that helps.…ng/

Before deciding on a brand you might want to consider some other factors e.g. persons weight as its recommended that the blanket is about 10% of an individual's weight
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Another thing to consider is the actual size of the blanket. Depending on your wife’s size/weight, I found the child size heaviest weight was better than the adult size as the weight was more concentrated. Although the same weight, the bigger size felt less effective due to the distribution and most of the weight being on the bed.

I got this one for my son. Nice material and it really helped him.…YEV
Online home shop £21.99
Has anybody that's used one of these found it's helped their anxiety when they are out of the bed?
Genuine question!
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