Best whey protein for a student?

    Hey guys,

    Basically I've been going to the gym for a few weeks now doing cardio and weights etc and at the start i was already under weight and lost a few more.

    Looking to put on some weight and muscle mass so what whey would you recommend? I'm also a student so a good deal wuld be nice!

    Thanks to all


    Go for REFLEX.

    you get tonnes of the stuff and more importantly it works plus its cheap.

    Also do not follow their guidelines of 2-3 milkshakes a day. One is just fine as the human body cannot absorb all that protein intake and goes to waste.

    A good site to buy whey protein from.

    Iron tek are also very good. Ive not used them much but my brother and friends have used it and have seen very good results.


    A good site to buy whey protein from.]

    can second this recomendation

    there prices are cheap, there product is great, AND they even pricematch for IF some reason you find cheaper.

    ( plus on my profile there is a code for 5% of your first order lol)

    Original Poster

    Wow thanks guys appreciate it. Going to order off myprotein now.

    That 5% is a real plus also

    yes im in the same position as jay105 have wanted to get some but never had the first clue about the stuff.... im going to order mine off that site now as you lot have gave it a good reference

    Hi guys

    thought i'd add my 2 cents on protein especially for students being a 2xmr britain, mr uk etc and top finisher at mr universe twice especially when it was in my student years!

    Myprotein is great as a supplement place for cheap supplements and mixing your own formulas up. Have to try and find your own taste for their stuff tho as either its unflavoured or u have to figure it out for yourself!

    I happen to like ON 100% Whey as a supplement as it works out really cheap if you buy there big 10lb bags. might seem expensive but when you work out per serving its very cheap!!

    I also happen to like LA Muscles supplements and know that one of the best quality manufacturers are a company called Uk-muscle for their supplements, very new to the market but they aren't cutting corners in production like some of the major suppliers!!

    Not a fan of reflex myself but they are helpful if on a for amount needed per day that varies with the individual and their diet but don't listen to the you can't absorb more than one shake a day advice earlier as thats outdated information equating to normal food and whey protein is a lot more absorbable and the body has been found to be able to absorb a lot more than first thought many times now....just dont overdo it. the best mthod is to split meals up throughout the day
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