best wii fit game to loose weight

hi just got my new wii fit and i looking for the best game/programme to play to help shed some lard, got about 2 stone to loose.had a quick look but haven't got a clue where to start,


switch it on


wii fat

if you want i can point you in the right direction where to get it


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lol. i think i invented that wii fat game, i've been practising it for the last 13

Amazon have Just Dance @ £16.00 which seems a good

to loose weight firstly put your wii on the floor stand on top it and jump 100 times as high as you can- time yourself if you wish, if there are any parts that appear to be untouched repeat the process, then walk to your nearest sports shop buy a tracksuit and some trainers and run around a park a few times

Have you thought about renting some from blockbuster, atleast then u could work out which ones you like and then buy them..

Loose and Lose are not the same thing

Hoola hooping is fun and knackering once you get onto advanced. Defo do it in an empty room with the curtains closed though lol


]'Aliens will eat the fatties first': Gym sparks outrage with new … ]'Aliens will eat the fatties first': Gym sparks outrage with new advertising campaign.

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