Best Wii Game and Where is the cheapest?

Just wonder what is that best Wii game?
and where is the cheapest to get?
ta muchy



zelda is terrible (i dont like those games)

red steel on otherhand :D:D:D:D Top Notch!

I've heard from more than one person that Red Steel is unresponsive ??

Mario is out in Q1 2007......

thats because ppl are thick !

red steel is as responsive as anyother game out there!

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I like the idea of Redsteel, cool.

Yeap Red Steel over Zelda any day. Red Steel is a little tricking until you get the hang of it - same as any game really!


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is it worth getting Wii Play? If so, where can I get it, in stock, and cheapest?

Wii play is ok, good for the family, and a good laugh if you are drunk.. Wii sports is a better game drunk though ! !

I really like WiiPlay - Shooting is great fun and tanks is pretty cool!

Table Tennis on WiiSports is a bit tricky when sober... but try that one after a drink or four... it's impossible! :-D

hehehe tennis is good on sports play helps with using the controller!

Just love wii sports, fell over boxing day playing table tennis after a bottle of vin du rouge or two, 5 stitches in wound to head ! ! !

It's worth getting Wii Play just for the 2nd controller

I ordered it from powerplay direct yesterday for £26
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