Found 3rd Jan 2007
What are the best wii games in your opinion?

Iv got Zelda at the moment and im thinking of getting redsteel and call of duty 3 (although iv already completed it on xbox 360)

Iv heard some really crappy reviews of redsteel aswell, what does everyone else think of it?

Your opinions will be appreciated!

Cheers peeps!


i love red steel its ace dont like zelda tho and cod3 is v good

look in my sig Join us wii friends

also were trying to fiind best wii deals so join in!

Original Poster

will do mate, where do i find mi wii friend code? only got the console this evening.

Has everyone checked out [url][/url] and [url][/url] for games?

their defo the cheapest!

thank you

u got it connected to internet?

if so go to your message(bottom right) then address boot (bottom left) its on front

ill check thoses sites'

defo get red steel

best game atm

Original Poster

okidoke will check it out later and get it to you! which games u lot play online?

non yet you cant yet!:P

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orite lol didnt know, so what can you do with your 'friends'? cheers

just migle miis atm and send messages but more and more is being implemented soon

have u got oprea browser?

go to wii shop the software its free!

at the mo uk, all you can do is send messages and exchange Mii's.

Can't wait til more can be done online!

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are there updates that you can download for redsteel? iv seen a video review of it on youtube and it is different to my version, the trainers are different and the controls are much better on the video review. thanks
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