Found 2nd Jun 2007
Please advise what you think are the best games for the Wii. Have went for the John Lewis deal and it should arrive shortly and don't want to buy rubbish games.

It will mainly be used by my 9yr old son (he thinks !!)



Mario Strikers Charged, Red Steel, Zelda, Wii Play & Wii Sports. Thats it for me so far...

Soon to add to the list would be Mario Party 8 & possibly Trauma Centre. HTH:thumbsup:


i am playing spiderman 3 atm

lol not my type of game when i got it as i like 1st person shooter like Gears of War but i LOVE it

Wario ware is pretty cool!
Not that long a life though, but great for pick up and play.
Like the person above says, red steel and zelda are well worth a look even if red steel is quite hard to control at first!

Wii sports is fun and will appeal to kids, you might wanna pick up zelda: tp for yourself.

I wasn't a huge fan of WarioWare.

I highly recommend Rayman! Very addictive + fun.

does anyone know of any wii games that will link with the ds??

Wii Play is one that's not been mentioned

Edit - Yes it has :-D

Resi Evil, Super Paper Mario etc. are due next month


does anyone know of any wii games that will link with the ds??

yeah pokemon diamond (something like that)
Not sure what others will be around though:)


Thats the game. Offers expired now though =]

It will link with the wii game :Pokemon Battle Revolution

I know it's already been metioned but Mario Strikers Charged Football is worth the £28 I paid for it.

Get it. Learn the moves. Get yourselves playing the game online and enjoy the buzz
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