Best Wii Price

    Anybody know where i can get a wii from the cheapest???

    would be grateful if u could



    Softuk do for 179.99 - 15% (with this code…uk-) but don't know if code works, heard someone say they rejected it.

    there is a huge Blockbuster, cex, gamestation cash back tread, which has a little risk involved but can get a Wii for asl little as £117 or less (one bloke claimed £80

    I'm sure some one posted a cheap one using vouchers through John Lewis but I cant find how to do the deal anymore, besides Out of stock

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    Do u know where the cash back thread is mate??…117

    long thread, read it all. DONT buy the offers on the first page.

    basically you find a cheap game, check with the person you are gonna sell to (blockbuster, cex or gamestation) to find out how much credit you will get.

    ie buy a PS3 game for £15, blockbuster may give £26 credit so you get £26 towards your Wii (or £11 off)
    do this up to 7 times (max of 2 games with some trade in companies) to get £77 or more off

    only problem is lots of people are doing this now so the trade in on your PS3 game may drop by the time you recieve it (so you may need to send it back costing you postage or trade in for less profit or even a loss)

    Remember that as well as games you can do movies. There was a LAs Vegas boxset - series 2 selling for £4 in Morrisons that Blockbuster gave £12 trade in for (with deals like that you could knock £120 off your Wii but it involved visiting 8 branches of Blockbuster and collecting vouchers or hoping that the blockbuster assistants would allow you to trade in more than 2)

    alas it was posted on here so several people bought every single copy they could find

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    thanks mate!!!

    Very much appreciated

    added 2 ur rep! :thumbsup:

    cheers, greatly appriciated

    boots are doing triple points from 22nd - 28th Aug

    so if you were to purchase the wii pack at £190 you will receive £24 back in points to spend at boots effectivly making it £166

    can be used for anything but the more you spend the more points you get back

    Plus you can get Rpoints/Quido cashback £6.65 making it just under £160


    cheers, greatly appriciated

    Repped too as I'm currently looking for a Wii.
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