best wireless broadband deal?

    Im currently on AOL dunno what deal but i pay £14.99 a month. I dont even use aol I use internet explorer somehow. I want a cheaper broadband that gives unlimited useage and a quick download speed.. not sure what my current one is but usually on limewire i download at about 220kb/s if that helps! Whats everyone else on? im totally confused and really wanna stop paying £15 a month.. Iven also been with AOl for nearly 2 years with a free router will i be able to keep this if i cancel? thankyou!


    For unlimited usage at high speed, you're not going to get a lot better than £15/month without accepting sacrifices. For all the potential benefit there is (like, saving maybe £12 or perhaps £24 a year, which is a tiny amount anyway), you may well find yourself offline for months waiting for the line to be transferred to a new ISP, you might have to pay a new activation fee, you might find yourself suffering from 'traffic shaping' (where your connection is limited to about 20kbps at peak times to save the ISP money), or you might find yourself with a connection that crashes all the time. Or all of the above. If your only reason for wanting to leave AOL is that you want to maybe save £1 a month, phone them and tell them that - you might get lucky, and they might give you a discount to keep your service. If they don't, I would stick with.

    o2 is great

    If you have an O2 mobile contract I advise you to go with O2 broadband. I dont know the cheapest broadband deal or anything i am on BT Total Broadband option 3 paying £30 month for 8MB unlimited broadband. Been with BT Total Broadband ever since it was introduced. Highly recommend

    And YES you can keep the wireless router that AOL gave you when you signed a contract with them.
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