Best wireless card for linux?

    Buying a PC tower tomorrow with no wireless card. I want to install a linux distro on it, not sure which one, i think im going to go for Ubuntu.

    Going to buy a wireless card off EBay but not sure which one will plug-and-play out of the box as im a complete beginner. Not sure what hardware slots the PC tower has until I pick it up tomorrow but im asuming it will have PCI and USB.

    Any advice on which wireless card to buy?

    Thanks in advance,


    try looking on the ubuntu website to see what chipsets are supported and buy with that in mind

    I use Fedora Linux for 90% of my computing needs.

    I have found that any hardware I put in my tower normally works straight away and trying to find out what is supported is impossible because everything just works generally. But that is not to say I haven't had to overcome problems

    A good place to search in resolving any problems is rather than just google.

    Also congrats on making the change to the future of computing - spread the word!

    Last thing: a tip I would give is don't get discourage if its not as 'out of the box' as some windows distro may have been. But you'll spend far less time in reading linux forums and sorting problems for them to work better than you would do installing drivers and wondering why the hell nothing works if you have a new windows distro. Also the free software in which everything is always being updated along with no virus or tracking cookies - its worth it in the end. Remember its not windows so it gets a while to get used to everything but the linux community is very helpful as people who use them are the people who love computers and want to help.

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    Thanks for the advice! Cant wait to get Linux installed! Is networking linux and winXP a problem? eg I want to share files over the network and maybe use linux as a printer server.
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