Best wireless cctv system?


    I have been wanting to get a cctv system for the house, as my car has been scratched/hit several times whilst being parked outside my house. I ideally want it to be wireless as I'm looking to move away in the near future so it's easier for me to take it with me.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    have a look at clever dog WiFi camera I got one and am well impressed if going outside would need a case for it.

    How long do the battery last you would be better off getting hard wired if you can run cables.

    Our house was burgled in June and my wife asked me to install CCTV to cover the front and back of our house. We were mainly looking for an affordable system that records above average pictures (no sound) and could be accessed easily. Whilst wired systems seem to provide the best recording capabilities, we felt that a wireless system would be enough for our purposes. We also did not want to run any cables across the loft/walls/etc. In the end (after a fair bit of research) we bought two Ctronics bullet cameras Amazon link. There is also a dome version Amazon link which seems to have better reviews but did not work for us due to the placement of the cameras on our walls. The cameras are easily installed and set up. They record to SD cards* and can be accessed from any computer (website) or mobile (app). You can even get alerts sent to your phone by e-mail. The picture quality is good both during the day and at night. Our cameras have been set to only record when motion is detected.

    I hope this is helpful.

    * You will see that some reviews say that SD cards bigger than 16/32GB do not work. This is not true. The manufacturer clearly states that bigger cards (up to 128GB) work as long as you format them with the camera's own software to FAT32.

    PS: The Ctronics cameras are powered from mains sockets (standard UK Plug). We drilled a hole through the outside wall to feed the cable from the inside (where the socket is) to the outside position. If you have access to the mains on the outside (light, etc), you could probably hard wire them.

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