Best wireless headset for under £70?

    Recently my Turtle beach headset broke due to the wear and tear of the wire connected to the amp and I'm now looking for a new wireless headset for under £70 that could be used for PC use with occasional 360 use. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which headset I should get? Thanks!

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    You can buy bluetooth adaptors that any headphones can be plugged into. You just clip it onto your neck line or belt. My friend has one that he bought for £25 ish. It's an option to look at. As for your question I don't know. Depends if your moving a lot. I bought some like you want but the mic is poor and the over your head type. They fall off if I move about so don't use now as given up with them. I plug my current set of in ear headphones into device although thinking about BT adaptor myself. It's just a pain charging it I guess so think they are a novelty item.
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