Best Wireless N modem router

    Hi, Im looking to buy an N modem router to replace my netgear DG83GT. looking to spend around 40- 60 quid.

    I wanted to know what is the most reliable router right now?


    Do you actually mean best or do you mean cheapest as folks often do on this site, there's a world of difference.

    recently purchased the Belkin Surf + , the N signal is Crap, but the router feels plasticcy.
    I got the Linksys Wag160n, the N signal is better... but drops out occasionally...

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    Do you actually mean best or do you mean cheapest as folks often do on … Do you actually mean best or do you mean cheapest as folks often do on this site, there's a world of difference.

    best as in reliable . good signal and speeds. the cheaper the better LOL. but willling to take any suggestions.

    It will depend on what ISP you're using as some are more favoursome over others due to the chipset for example. I know my ISP favours Broadcom chipsets, and I've noticed that the speeds I get are a lot better than other class n modems. You'll need to do some research - preferably on some forums based on your ISP to see what others recommend.

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    im using AOL. on the 8mbs package
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    Ok... what's the version number of the modem you're using at the moment. "DG83GT" doesn't exist, so I'm assuming it's the DG834GT. The version number should be on the box, something like DG834GTv4 - Later revisions contain different chipsets.

    Also, what speed is the modem currently synced at?

    I may be getting my hands on a brand new wireless n within the next few days, but I'm happy using the modem I own at the moment. If you're interested in taking the new one from me - send me a PM - but I'll need the information above to ensure it'll work with your ISP.

    From what I can see, it should be prefectly fine as users on my ISP use the modem you have too (same chipsets) on ADSL2+.

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    yes I am using DG834GT, this is my sync speed;

    Modem Status Connected
    DownStream Connection Speed 7648 kbps
    UpStream Connection Speed 448 kbps

    I jus brought a Netgear N300

    Modem Status connected
    DownStream Connection Speed 13348 kbps
    UpStream Connection Speed 1300 kbps

    seems fine

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    I just want a stable wireless connection, i have a laptop, xbox 360 with N receiver and a ps3 in different rooms but they are not that far from the modem router not many walls in between either But sometimes my xbox 360 diconnects with the G modem router that I have at the moment.

    I replied to the PM you sent me earlier, so do check to see if you got this ok.

    I had the same issues with my old wireless G router, which is why I upgraded myself. Do realise though, that the only way you'll get 100% signal is by connecting via wired. If I need to use a device that's always online such as a PC or laptop I use a wired access point (ethernet is routed throughout house). If I need to use something which rarely needs to get connected / doesn't have an ethernet port - I use the wireless.

    The modem that I'm using at the moment which is wireless n - has basically doubled the signal reach too. I'll keep in touch regarding the new modem if and when it arrives.
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