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Found 17th May
Good evening.

Please could I ask your opinions on the best wireless headset for PS4 I have Turtle Beach stealth 600 for the xbox one but I didn't think it was as good as everybody made out. Plus I have heard it needs a USB adapter plugged in to the PS4 (Which isn't required for XBone) and I don't have any USB spare due to the VR. Thank you in advance
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I've had Astro a50's for a few years now and they are brilliant. Expensive outlay but worth every penny.
I have had turtle beach elite 800 for around 2-3 years now and love them. but i thought there would be a new model out buy now to fix some of the small issue (E.G the buttons on the ear cups are very sensitive). before that i had Turtle Beach stealth 500p and found these would hurt my head if having them on for a wile.
also both these headsets uses a USB Port to power the transmitter

i have alos heard good things about Astro
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